Born in the early 1970s I grew up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia.  I was nicknamed Jo or Joey by my family and friends and spent my childhood roaming local beaches, rock pools, coves, and headlands.  As a teenager, I frequented my parents' weekender in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales where I explored the local bushland on horseback and swam in creeks, dams, and waterholes. I also met a young man, Simon, who ten years later became my husband.

Undecided on country or coast living Simon and I tried both before settling in a small rural town in the hinterland of Sunshine Coast, Queensland.  As Maleny fulfils our dream of a country lifestyle near the coast we live in the same home purchased twenty years ago when I was four months pregnant with our son, Darcy.

Like my coastal country life I have also lived a creative duality between paint and textiles. Throughout my career as an artist I have worked with and studied both mediums and continue to move between the two in my daily art practice. My work reflects my reverence and spiritual connection to nature. I wish for my work to act like a portal, for you - the viewer, to be transported to other-worldly places.


An avid life long learner and desire to be a consummate maker I have spent the majority of my life studying various things from floral arranging, millinery, soft sculpture, photography, eco-dyeing, micro-computing, even sign language! Too many workshops to mention them all but some watercolour ones include national and international watercolour artists; John Lovett, Anne Blockley, Jean Haines, Björn Bernström, and I travelled to Europe on an art study trip in 2013 and attended a workshop with Fabio Cembranelli.   

Wanting to delve deeper in knowledge than what short courses and workshops can offer my formal education includes a Diploma in Textiles (2007) and a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) (2018).  My degree took seven years of part time study to complete.  I chipped away at it between work and family commitments.  I spent my son’s school years studying fashion and art and in 2018 when he graduated high school I finally graduated university.  

I always had the thought of going on to study art therapy once I had completed my degree.  I thought at the time it would be in the form of a Masters.  However it never really sat well with me and I needed a few years break from the books.  I was working as an art consultant for a local gallery when COVID hit and turned our world upside down.  

After spending lock down painting the interior of my home and studio it gave me a lot of time to reflect. I decided it was time to follow my true calling and give it a go as a professional artist again.  I worked for myself through my twenties and thirties so I feel like I am coming home.  I also looked into art therapy again and found a course that truely aligned with me.  So I am embarking on a new journey of self discovery and hope in 2022 to graduate as a qualified transpersonal art therapist.  And that(!) is when I feel my thirst of education will be quenched.

Thank you for reading about me.  I hope I was able to offer some personal insight and we can connect via my Newsletter or come say 'hi' on social media.  

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