The prints I offer are either limited or open edition fine art reproductions of my original watercolour paintings.  To replicate the original painting with the closest attention to detail I use museum grade archival 300gsm cotton rag paper for all prints.

A limited edition fine art reproduction means the number of prints produced are limited to a specific number, each print is signed and numbered. For example if number 3 of a limited edition of 50 is purchased the print will be signed “JDuckworth 3/50” the number 3 indicates the individual print number and the number 50 indicates the total number of prints in the edition.

An open edition fine art reproduction means the number of prints is not limited.


To personalise your artwork and ensure its longevity I offer a professional in-house framing service.

All materials used are archival quality, including museum grade glass.  Museum grade glass has better clarity, less reflection, and higher UV protection than standard glass. 

If you decide to frame the artwork yourself please be aware some readymade frames contain materials that will damage your artwork.

To discuss framing options please contact me. All enquiries welcome, email or phone 0401 361 555.