The Windfall Series

The Windfall series is a series of watercolour paintings and eco-dyed textiles inspired and created from gathered windfall. It began as I gathered eucalyptus leaves to eco-dye fabric. Fallen leaves, branches, and twigs from eucalyptus trees were collected from the ground at Ewen Maddock Dam on the first day of spring, September 2020.  

Travelling home with the windfall bundle my car was filled with the ever so Australian eucalyptus scent and equally filled the studio when placed in there too.  As part of my field notes for eco-dyeing I set up a still life of the windfall and started recording my observations of colour, shape, and size. I became completely immersed in the haphazardly thrown together still life.

A few weeks passed and I had not completed my original intention of eco-dyeing with the gathered leaves.  Instead the watercolour painting Wonders' Keeper had emerged on paper and many more paintings imagined. With the studio filled with the uplifting scent of eucalyptus I am still not sure where those few weeks went but feel happy to have been transported to another world of wonder.  I hope my work will open the door for you to connect with nature and experience your own kind of wonder as the Windfall series continues to evolve.  

Available artworks in the series