Wonders' Keeper

Wonders' Keeper is the first painting in my series, Windfall.  Fallen eucalyptus leaves, branches, and twigs were collected to eco-dye fabric. After haphazardly throwing together a still life of the gathered windfall, I started recording my observations of colour, shape, and size. I became completely immersed in the still life arrangement.

A few weeks passed and I had not started eco-dyeing with the leaves but instead was transported to another world where my imagination ran wild and the watercolour painting Wonders' Keeper was created and many more paintings imagined.  

Wonders' Keeper, marks the beginning of the Windfall series as the protector/guardian of wonder and is available to purchase as a limited edition giclée art print.

To ensure the work is of the highest standard art prints and custom framing service is completed in-house.

Giclée art print, 23.5cm x 33cm, on archival quality fine art paper, signed and numbered limited edition of 50.

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Price listed is unframed, custom framing is available at an addition cost.

What is a giclée art print?
A giclée (zhee-clay) art print is a high quality reproduction of an original artwork.  The high quality print is achieved by using a professional twelve colour inkjet printer with pigment based ink and an archival (acid-free) substrate - paper or canvas.

What does limited edition, signed and numbered mean?
The number of prints produced are limited to a specific number, for example 50.  Each print is signed by the artist and numbered - JDuckworth 3/50.  The number 3 indicates the individual print number and the number 50 indicates the total number of prints in the edition.

Watermark text © Joanne Duckworth does not appear on the giclée print, it is hand signed and numbered.

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